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Your Spring Plumbing Checklist

Some Simple Things You Can Do Now to Avoid Plumbing Problems

Your Spring Plumbing ChecklistThe weather’s starting to get warm and some of the first bulbs are poking their heads above the ground. It won’t be long and summer will be here. Here are some easy things you can do right now to ensure that you don’t find yourself facing a major plumbing problem this summer or fall.

  • Inspect all inside and outside faucets for leaks or drips, so that you minimize the risk of either water damage or further deterioration of a faucet
  • For the same reason, make certain there are no problems with your toilets. The best way?—Add a few drops of food coloring to the tank. If there’s a leak, you’ll see it in the bowl in a few minutes. While you’re checking the toilet, look for cracks or leaks, which will typically have some discoloration around them. Make certain the handle functions properly. If you have to hold the handle down or it’s loose, it’s probably time to replace the internal parts and the handle.
  • Unless you regularly check your drains, you may have hair, soap or other buildup in sinks and showers.
  • Turn supply valves on and off a few times, just to keep them from corroding or freezing in place.
  • Confirm that your hot water heater is no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a good idea to drain a few gallons of water from the tank, as that will remove some of the corrosion that collects inside.
  • If you have sinks that rarely get used, pour a half gallon of water down each, so that you replace any water that’s been sitting in a trap
  • Run the sump pump (if you have one) a few times to make certain it works properly

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