Some Strategies That Can Help Make

Your Holiday A Happy One

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The holidays are around the corner-it's the time for big family dinners and lots of company. This can put serious stress on your home's plumbing system...and there's nothing worse than a backed-up sink in the middle of a family feast.

Here are Some Strategies That Can Help Make Your Holiday A Happy One.

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    Don't ask too much of your garbage disposal-You'll have more food in the house and more food scraps. Don't expect your disposal to handle everything. One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting the wrong things in the disposal-things like eggshells, bones, meat, coffee grounds and breads are better disposed of in your trash or your compost. In addition, keep the food scrap small and you won't have any problems.

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    Filter everything that goes down the drain-Stop by the hardware store and pick up a couple of those inexpensive mesh screens to cover the drain in your kitchen sink. Better to clog up the screen and throw it in the trash than to have that food form a plug somewhere inside your pipes.

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    Don't put grease in the sink-Bacon grease and cold water-the perfect recipe for a clogged sink or garbage disposal. The best way to dispose of grease? Fill an old coffee can, let it cool and throw it in the trash.

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    Don't flush anything down the toilet that's not supposed to go there-The toilet is only for human waste and toilet paper..anything else you put in there can cause the toilet to get stopped up.

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  • Chrystin P.

    I needed a plumber for a small fix and this was the only company I called that would tell me what the rates were on the phone. The others all said, "It depends on the job." I didn't want an estimate, I wanted a fix. They were able to send someone out that day who arrived on time and completed the job promptly. I did need an estimate for another issue and the service department head came out the next morning exactly as scheduled. I definitely highly recommend this company.

  • A J C.

    I have a rental house in dallas and this company has always been my first call when I need plumbing. They have reasonable prices and do good work. They coordinate the work with my tennant which saves me a lot of time as a middle man. I highly reccomend them.

  • Johnv4321

    had a clogged sink. charged by the hour and very fair. most other places i called would only come out to provide an estimate and would not give a ballpark cost or time/range estimate over the phone, which can be a waste of time if you need to take off from work. will definitely use again. showed up on time and called before coming out.

  • Michael W.

    I had a nightmare of an experience with another company. Public Service Plumbers came and cleaned up the mess. They did a great job. I was super impressed with Public Service Plumber's attention to detail. For example, when remounting the toilet they installed toilet shims, sawed the shims to size, and then secured the shims with clear caulking. They did a huge job on my home and I fully intend on using this company moving forwards.