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What to do when You have a Gas Leak

Dallas – Ft. Worth Gas Leak Plumbers

Most people have smelled natural gas when they turn on their stove or when the water heater fires up. Since natural gas is colorless and odorless, TXU and other gas companies add a chemical to natural gas so people will be able to detect its presence. Most gas companies add a sulfuric Perm-solution that gives natural gas the scent of rotten eggs. Since natural gas is highly combustible, gas leaks in homes represent a serious danger all homeowners should be aware of and be prepared to respond to responsibly.


The Dangers of Natural Gas

In general, there are two dangers associated with natural gas leaks in homes. First, since natural gas is highly combustible, a gas leak in a confined space – such as a basement or utility room – is particularly dangerous. In a confined space, gas can collect and become increasingly dense in a shorter period of time. In these kinds of situations, an unsuspecting homeowner may open a door and turn on a light without thinking. Unfortunately, in these kinds of situations, a simple spark or arc in electricity between a bulb and its socket may be enough to set off an explosion.

Secondly, natural gas can seep through ceilings, ventilation shafts, and cracks in walls. As a result, an undetected gas leak can allow gas to permeate a home, filling rooms throughout your house. If this happens at night, the consequences can be devastating. The CO2 in natural gas can lead to slow asphyxiation, knocking sleeping people out before ultimately killing them. This is why every home that uses natural gas should have CO2 detectors placed strategically in different rooms.

What to do when You Smell Natural Gas in Your Home

If you are already in your home when you smell natural gas, don’t turn on any electrical appliances, lights, the television, hot water, or stove. If one or more of these is already on, don’t unplug anything. Open your windows and try to ventilate your house and best you can. This will help disburse any gas that’s collected in your house, decreasing your risk of asphyxiation.

Next, you should immediately contact your gas company using your cell phone. Don’t, however, use your landline as a spark could ignite an explosion. If you don’t have a cell phone, leave your home and use a neighbor’s phone. If you know where the valve is on your gas supply, you can turn the valve off. You should then leave your house and notify your neighbors and wait for the gas company to arrive.

Do You Occasionally Smell Natural Gas?

Perhaps you only smell natural gas when the hot water heater turns on or when the furnace fires up. After a minute or two, the smell goes away. This could mean that a valve or gas line needs repair. In order to avoid gas leaking at night or suddenly filling your home when your away, contact Public Service Plumbers. Are certified and experienced plumbers can conduct tests to see if a valve or gas line needs repair.

Don’t risk your home or your family’s health if you smell natural gas – contact Dallas – Ft. Worth plumbers at Public Service Plumbers today.

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