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What Not to Flush

What Not to Flush Down the Toilet

If you have ever wondered “can I flush this down my toilet” then the answer is almost always a resounding “NO”. If it isn’t human waste or toilet paper, then it does not belong in your toilet.

What Kinds of Things Do People Try to Flush Down the Toilet?

People flush all kinds of things down the toilet that clearly do not belong there. Some of the more common things that get flushed that shouldn’t be include:

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Femenine hygiene products
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Food waste
  • Fat and grease

Why are Toilet Paper and Waste All That can Go in My Toilet?

The toilets and sewer systems themselves were obviously designed with the intent of moving human waste from one area to another safely and without exposing others to it. That is why it is always safe to flush human waste down the toilet.

Toilets and the sewer and septic systems they are attached to are only designed to handle human waste and toilet paper.

Toilet paper was designed in such a way that it easily breaks down into mush almost the instant it comes into contact with water. So it is always safe to flush.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet is this: If it is something other than human waste or toilet paper, then keep it out of your toilet and throw it away the normal way.

Flushing things that don’t belong in a toilet can cause serious problems with your drainage system. Basically, when you flush things that can’t be flushed you can create significant clogs throughout your entire sewer system. Flushing non-flushable things can also damage septic tanks and/or your main sewer line. So always remember: if you have to ask, don’t flush it!

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