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Service is Our Middle Name!

Troubleshooting Garbage Disposal Issues

Dallas Plumbers • Garbage Disposal Problems

Working on garbage disposalEventually, most homeowners run into a problem with their garbage disposal – either it won’t drain or it makes a strange sound that sounds like it’s ready to fly out of the sink. In many ways, however, your garbage disposal is a fairly simple machine. It’s a bit like a flywheel sitting under your sink. Its upper chamber, known as the upper hopper, spins when you flip the garbage disposal switch. This causes the flywheel to spin at about 2,000 RPM. Impellers are attached to the flywheel, throwing food against a shredder ring. Here, food and waste is ground up and flushed down the sink when water is turned on.

If you have a dishwasher, it’s likely that it drains through your garbage disposal. So, if you have a problem with your garbage disposal it could affect your dishwasher as well.
The Reset Button and Problems with Your Garbage Disposal
If the garbage disposal won’t turn on when you hit the switch there are a few simple things you can do that may fix the problem. First, make sure its plugged in – you’d be surprised how many times people call a plumber to fix their garbage disposal when the problem is it isn’t plugged in.

Once you’ve made sure it’s plugged in, locate the reset button on it. In most models, the reset button is located on the bottom or underside of the unit itself. If the reset button has popped out, push it back in. This will allow the internal components of the unit to reset.

If it still doesn’t work or pops out again, something is tripping the reset button that may involve your circuit breaker, a bad switch, or a broken component within the unit itself. You can also try manually rotating the flywheel to dislodge any waste that may be interfering with the functioning of your disposal.

Your Garbage Disposal turns on but makes a Humming Sound

If your disposal turns on but only makes a humming sound, turn it off immediately to prevent the motor overheating. A humming sound often results from waste preventing the flywheel from working. As a result, you’ll need to dislodge any waste that may be blocking the flywheel from rotating.

First, you’ll need to turn the unit off by unplugging it. Flip the switch to make sure it’s off. Next, you’ll need to use an Allen wrench into the flywheel hole and turn it clockwise. You may also need to use a broom handle or other tool to push down on the impeller from the top. Once you feel the flywheel rotate freely, the matter should be dislodged. You can then turn on the disposal and hit the reset button. Be sure to run water down the disposal to wash any waste away.

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