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The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Electric Water Heater

An electric water heater offers two distinct advantages over natural gas or propane models: installation is much simpler, requiring only that you properly wire the unit; and the units offer less safety risk, as they don’t require gas. Because of this, you can put an electric water heater almost anywhere in your home or business, without worrying about being close to your natural gas line or propane tank.

Electric water heaters can range in size from a 2.5 gallon, on-demand, type of unit to one with an 80 gallon tank. The electric water heaters on the market today have features that have substantially increased their efficiency and safety, including:

• Polyurethane foam insulation that is environmentally safe, and that increases heat conservation
• A polybutelene tank with a layered fiberglass exterior
• Automatic thermostats that allow you to set water temperature at different levels at different times
• Safety features that prevent dry-firing, so that the coils don’t heat up if the tank is dry.

When an Electric Water Heater Might Be Your Best Option

If you live in an area that does not have access to natural gas, you must choose between propane, electric heat for your water heater. Though propane may be less expensive than electric, a propane water heater is more difficult to install, and must be located to provide reasonable access to your propane tank. In addition, your tank must be filled on a regular basis in order for you to have the energy to heat your water.

With an electric unit, you will always have hot water as long as you pay your electric bill. In addition, you can typically place an electric water heater anywhere in your house, from your basement to a closet to a corner in your kitchen.

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