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Tankless Water Heaters Becoming More Common in Residential Plumbing Systems

Efficiency and Cost-Savings Attract Homeowners

Residential Plumbing SystemsStatistics show that one of the clear trends in home plumbing is the increased installation of tankless water heaters. Industry experts anticipate that sales and installation of tankless water heaters will rise by more than 7 percent per year over the next three years. There are many reasons why homeowners are making the transition to tankless:

  • Tankless is more cost-effective in the long run— According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average home can expect almost $50 in reduced energy costs every year with an electric tankless water heater and more than twice that amount with a natural gas-fired one
  • Tankless uses less space— With a traditional water heater, you may need as much as 12 cubit feet for the tank and heating unit. Most tankless systems are smaller than a toaster. An added bonus—you’ll rarely see your tankless water heater, so it can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home
  • Tankless systems typically have a longer useful life—Because a tankless water heater only runs when you need hot water—usually less than an hour a day—they don’t wear out as soon as traditional water heaters. In addition, you won’t store water, which can have a corrosive effect on the parts of a traditional water heater.
  • Tankless systems offer easy maintenance—Tank-style water heaters tend to collect sediment and can be difficult to clean and maintain. A tankless heater can typically be cleaned with white vinegar.
  • Tankless systems don’t have a limited amount of water—With a tank-type heater, you can run out of hot water with heavy usage. A tankless water heater delivers on demand (though you can’t draw from too many sources at once).

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