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Shower pan – Installation, Inspection and Replacement

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If you have a tiled shower, chances are you almost certainly have a shower pan as well – something too many homeowners aren’t aware of. So, what are shower pans? While tiled showers are common, wear and tear can compromise grouting, leading to water seepage and leaking. As a result, the vast majority of tiled showers have a waterproof barrier underneath them – the shower pan. Shower pans are typically built into the subfloor and extend up the sidewalls just above the curb of the shower. Shower pans are built out of a flexible material, catch any seepage that might occur, and funnel water down the drain.

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Leaking Showers and Shower Pans

If your tiled shower is leaking, chances are you have a hole or tear in the vinyl liner of the shower pan. If, when the shower pan was installed, a loose nail from the drywall or overstretching during fitting compromised the liner, a tear could have developed overtime. If left unaddressed, water damage and mold buildup could lead to more expensive repairs since the entire subflooring beneath the shower may need to be gutted and replaced.

Shower Pan Leaks – Repair or Replacement?

It can be difficult to locate the exact area of a hole or tear in a shower pan. While it might be tempting to inject gel or hardening material into the subflooring in an effort to seal the hole or tear in the shower pan, doing so often involves guest work that may not provide a long-term solution. If the leak is simply slowed or there are other problems associated with the drainage of seeping water, additional damage and mold buildup could lead to a much bigger problem as the months or years roll by without a permanent solution.

For these reasons, we recommend actually replacing shower pans. Replacing a shower pan allows our plumbers to see what is actually causing the problem and inspect floor joists and beams to ensure they haven’t rotted or compromised the support underneath a shower. Once the problem has been identified, replacing the shower pan is a simple exercise that will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you don’t have a mold or water damage problem to worry about further down the line.

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