Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Public Service Plumbers – Our Plumbers, Our Guarantee

Dallas Ft. Worth Plumbers and Hot Water Tank Installers

Countless homeowners have been there before – they discover a leaking water pipe, hot water heater, or the kitchen sink won’t drain. What to do? Most comb through the phone book trying to determine which plumber looks trustworthy enough to hire and let into their home. At Public Service Plumbers, we understand the concerns of homeowners and the anxiety that can accompany hiring a plumber, electrician, painter, or any contractor.

In fact, given the horror stories we’ve all heard about unreliable, shady, or dishonest contractors, you can’t blame homeowners if they’re reluctant to open their doors to just anyone claiming to have what it takes to fix a plumbing problem.

Public Service Plumbers – What You Can Count On When You Hire Us

For over 50 years, customer trust and confidence has been the foundation on which we’ve built our business. That’s why we take certain precautions before sending ANY employee to your home. Before hiring someone, all applicants must undergo a pre-employment screening process that includes the following:

• A criminal background check
• Drug testing
• Psychological testing
• A check of a prospective employee’s motor vehicle records

Additionally, we require employees to wear a photo ID badge that includes his or her Worker Check ID Number. Homeowners can verify this number online through HR First Contact at Not only does create accountability for an employee it also provides homeowners with a quick and easy way to verify certain kinds of information once one of our employees arrives to perform work for you at your home.

Public Service Plumbers – Buying a Heater? Need a Plumber? Give Us a Call

Regardless of whether you’re interested in buying a hot water heater or need a plumber to look at a bath tub drain that won’t go down, we offer the kind of knowledge and accountability you can count on to know the job will get done the right way the first time.

For more information, call Dallas-Ft. Worth Public Service Plumbers at (214) 363-4477 today or stop by our showroom to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members.