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Plumbing Repairs – When You Want to Hire a Professional

When Can You Fix It Yourself and When Do You Want a Pro?

Plumbing Professional

If you like to save money by handling many home repairs by yourself, you can be tempted to try to fix any type of plumbing problem at arises. With some of the most basic repairs, that can work, but with most plumbing problems, it’s in your best interests over the long haul to bring in a professional plumber.

Indoor plumbing is one of the oldest of modern conveniences, around for almost 5,000 years, and it’s a lot more complicated that is was just a hundred years ago. So how do you know when you can fix it on your own and when you should call Public Service Plumbers? Here are some helpful guidelines:

Relatively Easy Fixes

Here are some of the simpler plumbing problems that you can likely handle on your own. A caveat, though—every situation is different. What may on the surface appear to be a simple fix can become complicated in a hurry. If things start to go south, stop and call a plumber—don’t make the problem worse.

  • Plugged toilet or sinks — In most instances, you can get rid of a clog in your toilet with a plunger and some elbow grease. A sink or shower may be a little more complex, but is often something you can handle.
  • Leaky faucets — This problem is  customarily caused by a damaged or defective washer or O-ring, which can be easily replaced
  • Installing a new fixture — Putting in a new faucet or shower head are not too hard, provided you follow instructions on the package

Beyond Your Expertise

Here’s the other end of the spectrum—things you always call a plumber to handle:

  • Broken water or drain pipes — This can be tricky work and requires a specific knowledge or codes and compatibility. You also want the plumber to diagnose why the pipe was broken.
  • Putting in a new water heater—Your water heater will need to be connected to electrical lines and maybe gas as well. Those are both dangerous things for the inexperienced person to do.
  • Renovations, including moving pipes or fixtures — There’s a good chance that, with a major renovation, you’ll need a permit. If you do significant work to your plumbing system and don’t pull a permit, you can be fined. It’s also possible that your work won’t meet code, so you might have to tear everything out and have it done over again.

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