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Service is Our Middle Name!

Plumbing Odors – Stinky Sinks and Drains

Dallas Plumbers • Foul Odors Emanating from Pipes

Boy holding his noseIt’s a common problem – foul odors rising up out of sinks, drains, or when the toilet is flushed. In some cases, a blockage in a vent or drain can result in fouls odors due to decaying food and sewage. In other cases, improperly secured or fixed toilets and hoses can result in seeping odors that fail to vent properly. In short, there can be any number of reasons that account for foul odors, some of which involve a simple fix while others point to more complicated problems.

Garbage Disposals and Odors

When foul, stinky smells emanate from your garbage disposal, chances are it’s due to a buildup of food. A simple repair involves putting lemon slices or ice cubes in the disposal and letting it run for half a minute. Afterwards, you can pour dish detergent down the disposal while it’s running. Flushing with cold water for another 30 seconds afterwards should take care of the problem. If not, there may be a blockage of food – or other buildup – in the hose line that connects your disposal to the drainage pipe under the sink. Here, you may need to call a plumber to take care of the problem.

Toilets that Stink when Flushed

An odd but not uncommon problem involving odors and plumbing occurs when your toilet is improperly fixed to its base. Here, the wax ring is either improperly in place or has deteriorated. In a normal functioning toilet, when water flows into the bowl, it forces air through the fixture and its pipes. When the wax ring isn’t properly sealed, this air is pushed between the floor and the bottom of the toilet. This air is then pushed into the room instead of down the pipes that carry the water to and from the bowl.

To solve the problem, the wax ring should be fixed by resealing the toilet to the floor. The main vent that sends air out of your house’s plumbing should also be check to be sure it isn’t blocked. Assuming all is in order, the malodorous air that circulates when you flush the toilet should no longer be a problem since it will be vented out of the main vent on your home’s roof.

Laundry Rooms and Stinky, Nasty Floor Drains

Another common problem involving odors and plumbing concerns washers and dryers and floor drains. If there is a blockage in your home’s branch line or vent, water from your washer will not properly drain. As a consequence, water may seep up out of the floor drain, leaving a nasty odor in its wake. Since store-bought drain cleaners can damage certain kinds of pipes, it’s best to call a plumber who can use a snake to properly clean any blockage preventing your drain from working.

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