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Plumbing a Bathroom

Dallas Bathroom Plumbing Service

If you’re planning on a bit new_bathroom of remodeling in your home, it’s only natural that you want to save money. Towards that end, you might be tempted to try and plumb your bathroom – after all, there are plenty of websites and “do-it-yourself” books that make it seem within the capability of the average homeowner. Unfortunately, things are a bit more complicated than books often make it seem. For one thing, you’ll need to run water and waste lines to your bathroom fixtures. This often involves running plumbing lines through floor joists and walls in a strategic way. Here, you’ll need to know where to drill, how to make sure what you’re doing won’t compromise the integrity of joists, the floor, or walls.

Plumbing Your Bathroom – Putting Fixtures in Place

If you’re able to run your water and waste lines properly, you’ll also need to install and secure your bathroom fixtures. While some fixtures are relatively easy and straightforward to install, certain kinds of sinks and bathtubs can be quite challenging. Toilets are usually pretty straightforward, though if you’re interested in using a more efficient flushing toilet, it can be a headache to get the right emptying volume.

A pedestal sink, for instance, can be difficult to position properly and, depending on the positioning of plumbing lines, a challenge to hook up. You might want to use PVC piping (as opposed to black ABS) and you’ll need to use a bracket to fix the sink to the wall. You’ll also need to properly locate the floor bolt and fasten it with a nut underneath the subfloor in order to secure the stand.

Showers and combination shower-bathtubs present their own unique challenges. To install a combination shower-bathtub, you’ll need to outline the tub on the floor and determine where the drain will be. If your fixture already has a drain and overflow drain installed, you’ll need to connect these before setting the tub in place. You’ll need to run a drain to the soil sack and properly fit and glue it. To avoid problems, you’ll also want to add a trap and tee and locate them between joists to avoid possible damage to your floor.

Avoiding Headaches – Plumbing a Bathroom

While it’s certainly possible to plumb your own bathroom, if you’re not a trained, certified plumber you may not be prepared for unforeseen problems. What if after you’ve installed a fixture you notice wet spots on your walls? What if your fixtures don’t drain properly? Are you prepared to rip apart flooring and walls to discover what the problem is?

Sure, hiring a plumber costs money but it can also save you money if something goes wrong. Secondly, bonded and insured plumbers know what needs to be done to pull permits and properly complete work. If you need a permit and fail to properly pull one, you could encounter problems when you try to sell your house or, if water damage happens at a later point in time, your home insurer may deny your claim, arguing that you violated the terms of your home owner’s policy.

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