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Service is Our Middle Name!

Pipes Making Noise

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Pipes making clanging, banging, or creaking sounds are not that unusual, especially in older homes. While noisy pipes are often a problem in the winter, depending on what issues are involved, noisy pipes can be a problem at any time of the year. So, what causes noisy pipes? In general, pipes can make noise for any one of the following reasons:

  • Water pressure problems, often in cases where pressure is too high
  • Loose pipes
  • Frozen pipe
  • Steam heat
  • Water in air chambers

Banging Pipes

In most cases, pipes are anchored to floorboards or joists about every six to eight feet. If piping is secured vertically, running up basement walls, anchors are used roughly every eight to ten feet. If you notice banging when you turn on the water, simply adding more anchor straps or using padding around the pipes may fix the problem. If you decide to install more straps, you’ll want to leave a bit of room for pipe expansion, especially if your pipes are plastic. Lastly, if you have copper pipes, make sure you avoid using galvanized straps as these corrode copper.

Squeaking Pipes

Squeaking pipes almost always happen in pipes that carry hot water. What causes squeaking in hot water pipes? Simply put, as the pipe expands it moves in its strap, causing squeaking as a result. In these kinds of cases, using some sort of padding or cushion should prevent squeaking by securing pipes firmly in their straps.

Hammering Pipes

Maybe you’ve noticed a strange, almost hammering sound when you suddenly turn off water at its source – at the dishwasher or washing machine, maybe even your sink faucet. This happens because the water flowing through the pipe suddenly comes to a halt, causing what sounds like a hammering sound.

In many cases, this is due to loose pipes and can be remedied by simply anchoring and securing your pipes to floorboards of walls. In some case, however, you may have faulty air chambers. Air chambers are found in piping fitted behind appliances, holding air that acts as cushions when water is suddenly turned off. If these air chambers are compromised, they can fill with water and fail to properly reduce sudden changes in air pressure.

If your air chambers are compromised, you may need to shut off all water to drain the air chambers. After draining them, they should fill again with air once the water is turned back on.

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