Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Older Homes and Plumbing Potential Issues

When working on – or living in – an older home, one thing is certain: There will be surprises!

older_homeWhile some of those surprises are pleasant, such as unearthing treasures, or basking within the charm that would otherwise cost a fortune to duplicate in modern times, some of those surprises are bound to be unpleasant. Expensive and often unforeseen plumbing issues are definitely a headache to have to deal with. Thorough inspection prior to buying or moving into an older home can prepare you for what might lie ahead.

It can often begin with raising lower, old fashioned ceilings, and discovering cracks in ancient cast-iron pipes. Or galvanized piping, especially in homes built prior to the 1960s, will most assuredly need replacing. Then, drains and vents will need work…a domino effect can easily spiral out of what seemed like a trivial job in the beginning.

Old houses frequently aren’t vented properly, making it difficult to tell exactly how poor of a condition the plumbing is in until the ceilings and walls have come out. In modern plumbing, vents carry exhaust and sewer gases up and out of the house. Vents also allow fixtures to drain properly.

Sewer Lines – Have them Checked by a Plumber Prior to Buying an Older Home

Checking the sewer line is essential because the line from the street to the house belongs to you and so you are responsible for repairs when and if problems arise. There will be cost incurred to have the sewer line checked out, usually entailing using a sewer camera run down the line to check existing conditions, but it will be money well spent if you spot any problems areas – because they can be quite costly to repair or replace at a later date. Consult a plumber and have him evaluate the existing conditions before you sign on any dotted lines!

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