Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Low Flush Toilet Problems

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Toilet flushingA common complaint among homeowners who must change out older toilets for new ones concerns the water level in new toilets. In general, due to government regulations and water efficiency codes, today’s toilets offer a 1.6-gallon bowel. Problems arise when older homes with 4 to 6 inch cast iron pipes are now fitted with newer 1.6-gallon toilets. Due to these larger, cast iron pipes, water pressure is reduced when the toilet is flushed. Consequently, waste doesn’t always successfully wash away. Homeowners find themselves flushing their toilets multiple times in order to get rid of waste.

New Toilets Require Newer Pipes

Now, when new toilets are fitted with 3-inch pipes, the cross section of water naturally makes for a higher level of water and increased pressure when flushed. As such, many of the problems associated with lower water levels from 1.6-gallon toilet bowels can be avoided when proper piping is used. In some homes, however, toilet water levels and pressure are affected by showers or sinks in the same bathroom as the toilet. When the sink or shower is in use, toilet pressure or water levels can be affected as a result.

Power Flushing Toilets – Are They a Good Option?

In order to rectify the problem, some homeowners are tempted to install a power flush toilet. Power flush systems essentially inject air pressure into the toilet upon flushing in order to create more power and pressure in flushing waste. Now, however, gravity assisted toilets have overcome many of the problems that initially led to the production of power flush toilets. In many cases, low toilet water problems can be remedied by changing the piping that leads from the toilet itself to the sewer main itself.

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