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Locating a Broken Water or Sewer Pipe

Locating a Broken Water or Sewer PipeDiagnosing a plumbing problem can be like diagnosing an upset stomach. You can see and experience external symptoms—your water pressure is anemic or your toilet won’t flush—but you can’t actually see what the problem is, as it’s underground (out of sight, just like your stomach). In the old days, the only way to locate the problem was to dig—and you might dig in the wrong place, any number of times.

Fortunately, there are modern tools available to help either locate or fix many plumbing problems.

  • Remote camera inspections — With this tool, you fit a video camera at the end of a long cable. The cable is then inserted into the water or sewer pipe and the camera is turned on. The camera is hooked up to a monitor that allows the operator to view images as the camera snakes through the system. Most cameras have LED lights, are fully waterproof and can rotate 360 degrees. They also show footage in color.
  • Sewer sonde — A sewer sonde is a miniature transmitter that can be used to locate blockages and pipe defects. The sonde is also inserted in the pipe and sends electronic signals. Sondes can be fairly expensive to operate, though.
  • Water jetting machines — A water jetting machine is designed to clean out any blockage, rather than locate a problem. The water jet uses high pressure blasts of water to remove grease, roots or other debris from a water or sewer line.

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