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Experienced Plumbers for Kitchen Remodel Projects

  • Projects1Design, Specification and Installation
  • Projects2Fixtures
  • Projects3Piping
  • Projects4Dishwashers
  • Projects5Garbage Disposals

Our Kitchen Remodel Services

  • Arrow ImageMoving or extending existing plumbing lines
  • Arrow ImageDesigning the most efficient and effective ways to get water and waste where you need it to go
  • Arrow ImageInstalling all piping, sinks, garbage disposal, dishwasher and water heater, if necessary
  • Arrow ImageSuggesting and purchasing new fixtures

We will determine whether it's in your best interests to re-use existing piping or install new lines. We'll ensure that all installations comply with building codes in your municipality.

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Client Testimonials

  • R.H.B.

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    Great service! Very professional team of plumbers. Efficient, Prompt, Reliable!
    Experience of the technicians shows. Saved money and time. Thanks PSP.

  • Texas Bwana

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    Public Service Plumbers came out and fixed a problem created by a previous plumbing co. They were professional, clean and provided a permanent solution. We highly recommend them.

  • Stacy H.

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    The team at 'Public Service Plumbers' has been exceptional every time we have used them for our house plumbing needs. They have been prompt, thorough and very professional. The pricing is very reasonable and follow up is great. Will use them again and will highly recommend the team to others.

  • Jenna Coleman

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    Fast and friendly service. I have used them twice in the past and always got great results. They work with great effectiveness, are kind and generally quote much more reasonably then two other companies I've been in contact with. They will remain my number 1 choice.

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