Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Is it Time to Replace My Hot Water Heater?

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When you take a hot shower, do you notice the hot water drops off sooner than in the past? Do you have to keep increasing the hot water feed while decreasing the cold in order to maintain the water temperature you prefer? Is it to the point where you have to turn off the cold water altogether to get any hot water at all? While there could be a problem with the heating coils in your hot water heater, it could be time to replace your hot water heater altogether – especially if the unit is more than 12 years old.

Rusty Water – Time to get a New Hot Water Heater?

If you regularly use your sink or shower, your water shouldn’t appear rusty or dirty. While damage to your pipes or problems with the water supply at your local water company can also make water appear rusty, cloudy, or even foul-smelling, if it is a regular problem it could mean rusty is building up inside your water tank. Rust build-up is a problem associated with older water heater models and indicates the unit is rusty on the inside. If this is causing discoloration or rust in your water, it may be time to replace your water heater.

My Hot Water Heater is Leaking – Is it Time to Buy a New One?

A leaking hot water tank doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to buy a new one. In some cases, a leak can develop if the pressure bringing water into the tank is too high. This puts stress on the tank’s valves and seams and can lead to leaking. If this is the cause of a hot water leak, a regulator can be installed to the inlet section of the hot water heater.

If sediment has built up in your tank, it can also cause leaking. Sediment build-up typically causes leaks in the bottom of a hot water heater. If this is the cause of your leak, you’ll need to empty the tank through the drainage valve, getting rid of sediment build-up in the process. If rust is present in the sediment, however, this could be an indication that you may need to replace your hot water heater. Here, it may be best to contact a licensed plumber who can inspect your hot water heater and determine if you need a new one or simply a repair.

It’s taking Longer for the Water to Heat Up – Time for a New Water Heater?

If it’s taking longer and longer for your water to heat up, you may not necessarily need a new hot water heater – it could be sediment in the tank or a problem with the tank’s thermostat. However, if your hot water heater is 7 to 10 years old, it may make financial sense to replace it anyway – especially if it isn’t particularly efficient in heating your family’s water. Today, there are many energy efficient hot water heaters that provide hot water on demand for small and large families. Over time, you could see significant savings in your utility bill after replacing an older, less efficient hot water heater.

Not sure what Hot Water Heater to Buy? Call Public Service Plumbers

There’s a lot to consider when replacing a hot water heater – should you go tankless, or hybrid? What makes the most sense given your home and the number of people in your family? At Public Service Plumbers, we work closely with homeowners in determining what makes the most sense for them.

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