Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Inspecting Your Water Heater

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While today’s average water heater will last you anywhereRheem Gas Water Heater from 8 to 10 years, with a little bit of maintenance and tender loving care, you can get the most out of your water heater and help reduce your electric bill in the process. Remember – a healthy water heater is a happy water heater, which makes for a happy homeowner: no one likes a cold shower to remind them it’s time to check on the water heater.

Basic Water Heater Maintenance

Mineral deposits are hard on water heaters. Overtime, a buildup of mineral deposits in the base of your water heater’s tank can shorten the lifespan and effective functioning of the unit. In order to reduce mineral deposit buildup, it’s important that your water heater’s electrical wiring is sound, the unit properly insulated, and the tank itself clean.

For any water heater – whether gas or electric – the following should be checked from time to time:

  • The T&P valve: This refers to the temperature and pressure valve. You can turn the valve and let a bit of water drain to see if it is rust-colored or clear. Since the water will be hot, it’s important to be careful when doing this. You’ll also want to see if there is any dripping at the T&P valve.
  • Flushing Your Tank: About once a year, you should flush the tank of your water heater. You’ll need to turn off your water heater and let it cool before connecting a garden hose to the T&P valve to drain it.
  • Maintaining the Anode Rod: Anode rods are made out of aluminum or magnesium formed around a steel wire. They play an important role in preventing rust in you tank and should be changed periodically.
  • Piping and Your Hot Water Heater: Leaking or damaged piping into your water heater can also compromise its performance. Make sure the piping into your water heater is sound and in good condition.
  • Venting for Gas Water Heaters: If you have a gas powered water heater, make sure the venting system on it is free of any obstructions or problems. Ideally, this should be done once every three months. Checking the venting can prevent fires and the build up of fumes.

Contact Dallas Area Public Service Plumbers

If you still have problems with your water heater after performing these kinds of basic maintenance, call Public Service Plumbers at (214) 363-4477 to talk to an experienced plumber. We can check your water heater to determine if it can be fixed for an economical price or discuss the advantages of replacing your water heater if doing so makes more financial sense.