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How Can I Fix Low Water Pressure?

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There’s little that’s more frustrating in a home than low water pressure. You try to take a shower and the water just trickles out. It takes forever to fill a pot just to cook something. Sometimes, the washing machine won’t even run if the water pressure is too low.

The first thing you want to determine, though, is whether the problem is inside your house, or in the way your water is being delivered. If you have city water, you may have break in a water main, and should call city officials to verify that there are not problems in how the water is coming into your home.

A break in a water line, though, is highly unusual, even in extremely cold temperatures. More often than not, low water pressure is a result of:

  • A buildup of debris or sediment in your pipes
  • Corrosion inside your water pipes
  • A leak in your system

Debris or Buildup in Your Pipes

Even if you are getting city water, you’ll still have mineral buildup, and you may easily get sand or dirt as well. Over time, even if it’s just mineral deposits, the collected buildup can impede water flow. If this is the source of your problem, you should be able to treat it by running chemical through your pipes that break down the deposits, allowing the free flow of water once again.

Corrosion in Your Pipes

If you have steel or galvanized water pipes, you can anticipate a certain degree of corrosion over a period of time. Most of these types of pipes are designed to last about 20 years. There is no easy remedy for corrosion—typically, you have to replace all the pipes.

A Water Leak

If you are losing water somewhere in the line, you’ll also be losing water pressure. The way to determine if there’s a leak? Take a reading on your water meter, turn everything off and wait two hours. Take another reading. If there’s a change, you have a leak somewhere.

The Size of Your Pipe

If your home is older, there is the possibility that the original plumbing used smaller pipes—as a general rule, the smaller the pipe, the less pressure can travel through to your taps and spigots. Ask a plumber to check to see if you really need to have your pipes replaced.

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