Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Getting Professional Help to Clean Drains or Clogged Pipes

drains-or-clogged-pipesIf you have a sink, toilet or drain in your home that is clogged, you may be inclined to try some home remedy, or to purchase some product “guaranteed” to unplug your pipes. In most instances, though, you are better off to bring in a professional plumber. You can spend a lot of time, money and effort trying to get rid of a clog in your pipes. A professional plumber has the equipment to quickly and effectively resolve your problem.

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Clogged Pipes—The Professional Plumber’s Toolbag

The tool that most lay people are familiar with is the drain auger, also known as a “snake.” A drain auger is essentially a long cable that has a coiled end. The cable is on a reel, and is extended out, much as you would let out a kite line. However, as you spool out the cable, the coiled end will drive through most obstructions, breaking them down so that they go down the drain. You may also be able to unplug the pipe by pulling the cable out, bring any obstruction up with you.

Drain augers are commercially available in hardware stores. The ones available to the public, though, are generally of fairly short length (up to 25 feet). Chances are pretty good they won’t be long enough to reach many of your clogs, if you live in a large home.

The augers that most professional plumbers use are customarily at least 100 feet in length. Unlike the augers available to the public, they are typically power operated, rather than hand operated. A power auger can generally remove almost any type of obstruction in a pipe, including roots, metal items and gravel.

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