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Perhaps the most dangerous area of plumbing is working with natural gasGas Stove Burner. As a result, there are codes and regulations that govern everything from how gas lines must be laid, hooked up, and how appliances are manufactured and installed. While there are a number of “do it yourself” books and videos that claim to show the average homeowner how to install a hot water heater, stove, or dryer, the potential risks involved outweigh any money you believe you can save by using them.

The Dangers of Working with Gas

Even though most everyone is aware gas can explode, it’s easy to overlook dangers posed by gas leaks. So, while you may be able to follow instructions for hooking up a gas appliance, if you fail to use proper fittings, sealants, or the right gasket, you may inadvertently create conditions that lead to a future gas leak. Even though gas companies add a sulfuric Perm-solution to gas to give it a rotten egg smell, a leaking gas line still poses several dangers to you and your family.

Depending on the size of the leak, gas could seep through walls and up through floors and knock you out in your sleep. The result could be fatal. Alternatively, if you leave your home and return hours later, gas can accumulate in enclosed spaces, increasing the likelihood of an explosion if a light is turn on.

Home Owner’s Insurance and the Installation of Gas Appliances

In many towns and municipalities, there are code requirements pertaining to the hook up and installation of gas-powered appliances. As a result, a city inspector may need to come out and check the work involved after you’ve installed a hot water heater, dryer, gas boiler, or gas stove. While each town is different, failure to pull a permit or have work inspected could void your homeowner’s coverage in the event a gas leak leads to a fire, explosion, or other damage.

For this reason, having a bonded, insured, and certified plumber install your gas-powered appliances provides peace of mind while ensuring you comply with the terms of your insurance coverage.

Don’t Work with Gas – Contact the Professionals at Public Service Plumbers

Gas poses many dangers and risks, ones that can lead to serious injuries and extensive property damage. At Public Service Plumbers, we’ve served the families, businesses, and communities of the surrounding Dallas-Ft. Worth area for over 60 years. Our certified, bonded, and insured plumbers know who to work with gas in a safe and professional manner. We work with gas companies to locate gas lines, turn off the gas main when necessary, and work with inspectors if there are any concerns regarding the hook up and installation of gas appliances.

Let a professional do it right – call Public Service Plumbers today at (214) 363-4477 and ask to speak to one of our technicians.

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