Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Gas Log and Lighter Replacement

Dallas Gas Log Replacement Plumbers

In recent years, an increasing number of households have opted for gas log lighters as a relatively easy and simple way to start fires in the fireplace. Using gas log lighters removes the need to stuff your fireplace with newspapers or kindling. Small in diameter with several holes drilled into it, a gas log lighter is typically 12 to 18 inches long an installed near the floor beneath the wood grate. As a result of their exposure to direct heat over time, gas log lighters become warped and may develop holes where the piping has weakened. Consequently, they need to be replaced from time to time.

When to Replace Your Gas Log Lighter

When a gas log lighter develops holes, the flame produced is not always positioned directly beneath the wood in your fireplace. This leads to a waste of gas, as it takes longer to ignite the firewood placed over the log lighter. When this happens, a greater amount of natural gas is released into the fireplace, raising temperatures as a result. Additionally, in certain cases, a crumbling or damaged log lighter may release dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into a home. If the gas log lighter line is connected to the main gas line using aluminum, soft copper, of flexible stainless steel, melting or punctures in the line may occur as well.

Replacing Your Gas Log Lighter

If your gas log lighter is showing signs of wear and tear, Public Service Plumbers can safely and professional replace your damaged log lighter. We can evaluate the gas line leading into your fireplace and discuss any needed improvements our plumbers believe are necessary for the safety of you and your family. Before doing any work, we always discuss what’s involved and what we believe is needed so you understand the nature of the job and can ask questions if you have concerns.

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If your gas log lighter is showing signs of wear or is crumbling in places, don’t take chances – contact Public Service Plumbers today to learn how we can help you.
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