Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

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Fixture Installation, Repair, or Replacement

Dallas – Ft. Worth Fixture Installation Professionals

Kitchen Faucet Fixture
Fixtures can appear deceptively simple to install. It’s a common problem – you head to the hardware store and see a bathroom sink, cabinet, gas-powered dryer, refrigerator, ceiling fan, or track light system and think, “Hey, that doesn’t look too bad. I can install that myself!”

Unfortunately, in all too many cases, people find it’s not as easy as the online videos or “handyman” books make it out to be. For one thing, the directions included with fixtures aren’t always as clear as they should be. Secondly, you may need to cut pipes, break through walls and ceilings, or redirect piping. Lastly, you may find that you don’t have the right tools or that you need to improvise a bit to get the fixture to sit right or connect to existing pipes or wiring.

Don’t Risk an Accident or Property Damage – Call a Professional

At Public Service Plumbers, our professional installation, repair, and replacement staff are bonded, insured, and certified. We also conduct a thorough background check on every one of our employees and require them to wear a name badge. Our plumbers are experienced in the installation and repair of just about every major name-brand appliance and fixture manufacturer so there’s very little we haven’t seen or encountered before.

We have the tools and experience needed to deal with older fixtures and older piping systems that can sometime create problems. Public Service Plumbers also works with contractors and construction companies so we know how to cut into walls, ceilings, and work beneath floorboards. When a pedestal sink, a unique light fixture, a hot water tank, or a new shower is installed, we can work around potential problems by determining how to customize fittings, pipes, or support systems to a particular fixture.

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For over 60 years, Public Service Plumbers has served the families, individuals, and businesses of the Dallas – Ft. Worth area. We realize your reputation precedes you and for that reason, we make every effort to make sure our customers are happy. How? By treating their homes and businesses in the same we treat ours – with the utmost attention to quality and satisfaction.

If you plan on replacing a fixture, installing one or have questions about fixture repairs, call Public Service Plumbers at (214) 363-4477 today to speak with one of our servicemen and learn how we can help you.