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Discolored Water Problems

Dallas Plumbers • Discolored Rusty Water

Dirty drinking waterDiscolored, rusty water is a common problem for homeowners. In some cases, the water may give off an unpleasant odor, not unlike rotten eggs. Typically, discolored water is an occasional problem, something that happens from time to time, causing uncertainty when the color of the water returns to normal. So, what’s the cause? What should you do?

The Causes of Discolored Water

Ultimately, there are numerous causes of discolored water: sewage backup, minerals, algae, rusty pipes, or iron and magnesium deposits. Depending on the material out of which your pipes are made, resin beads can result in dark or black water. Regardless of the cause, you’ll want to get your water tested to determine the cause. In cases where sewage backup or organic materials are tainting your water, health issues and health hazards are a concern.

If you have magnesium in your water, when it’s mixed with oxygen it will turn your water black link to If you look in your toilet’s tank and find the water in it black, this is an indication that you probably have magnesium or iron in your water. While either one is harmless, you’ll want to fix the problem in case it’s masking a more serious source of contamination.

Rusty Water and Clogged Sinks

If you have a clogged sink full of rusty water, it’s likely that you have a clogged drain due to a build up of grease, food, or hair. In this case, you’ll need a professional plumber to clear and clean your pipes. You may be tempted to buy an “off the shelf” drain cleaner product but realize it may have limited effectiveness. What you may need is a snake or roto-rooter to completely clear your pipes.

Discolored Water? Contact Dallas Area Public Service Plumbers

Why black water typically doesn’t pose a health hazard, it’s important to be sure. If you have a problem with discolored water, contact Public Service Plumbers. Our certified, bonded and secured plumbers can evaluate your water and determine if you have a problem with your pipes. We can replace damaged or deteriorating pipe and advise you in regard to water filtration systems that can reduce the amount of minerals, contaminants, and organic compounds that can lead to discoloration.

To learn more about how we can help you, email us call Public Service Plumbers at (214) 363-4477 today or stop by any one of our Dallas metro area locations.

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