Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Avoid the Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Common Winter Plumbing ProblemsPlumbing problems can arise at any time of the year, but they can be a much bigger hassle in winter. There are a lot of ways that winter can wreak havoc on your plumbing system…here are just a few, with some tips on how to avoid them.

No Hot Water!

There’s just about nothing worse than waking up on a cold winter morning and discovering that your hot water heater isn’t doing the job. You need to remember that hot water heaters have to work harder in the winter to give you the same hot shower you’ve come to expect. The water coming into the water heater will be colder, so the water heater will be under a bit more stress. Make certain you have your water heater serviced before the cold weather sets in. You may also want to bump up the water temperature by five degrees and intentionally look for ways to reduce your water usage.

Frozen Pipes

Water expands when it freezes and it can be surprisingly powerful, busting a pipe with little difficulty. If you know the temperature will be below freezing, you can leave a faucet open, so that the water continues to move. In addition, you can wrap exposed pipes with insulation or even install heat tape on your pipes, so that the water doesn’t freeze.

Clogs and Stopped Pipes

Certain substances can coagulate in cold weather—grease and food particles can easily form a plug in your pipes. Never put oil or grease down the drain or in the toilet. In addition, if you have a garbage disposal, don’t use it for meat scraps, pasta, bread or other foods that can thicken and gum up the works.

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