Avoid Plumbing Woes This Holiday Tips to Reduce Problems

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The holidays are around the corner-it's the time for big family dinners and lots of company. This can put serious stress on your home's plumbing system...and there's nothing worse than a backed-up sink in the middle of a family feast. Here are Some Strategies That Can Help Make Your Holiday A Happy One.
  • Never put grease down the drain or in the toilet!—Remember how grandma used to have a coffee can on the top of the stove, where she poured all the excess bacon grease and other fats? Grandma never had to worry about plugging up the sink with hardened oils and grease. Grease and oil should go in the garbage, not in your home's drains.

  • Be careful about what you put in the garbage disposal—Don't get too expansive with your definition of "garbage." There are many things that you shouldn't put in the garbage disposal, such as chicken or turkey bones, fruit and vegetable skin, egg shell, coffee and corn husks. When you do use the garbage disposal, let cold water run through it for 30 seconds after you turn the unit off.

  • Use the toilet for its intended purpose—The toilet should only be a disposal system for human waste and toilet paper. No paper towels, swabs, cotton balls or feminine products.

  • Have your plumbing system inspected before Thanksgiving—Unfortunately, many of the potential problems with your plumbing are not visible to the naked eye. An inspection by a professional can identify those concerns, so that you can remedy them before company arrives.

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  • Cynthia OKelly


    The gentlemen that worked on my fireplace were kind and efficient. I had an eroded gas line that could have caused the house to blow up. Once they determined the issue, they quickly capped the line. They returned the next week to replace the line. Our fireplace works beautifully and our house did not blow up! They were very clean and kept me informed every step of the way. They are the best!

  • gallia1


    While plumbing problems are not my favorite things, this one was as painless as I can imagine. Public Service Plumbers were able to respond quickly and complete the repair in a timely fashion while leaving everything in better shape than it was when they arrived. Everyone was very helpful! Should I need a plumber, they will be the one I call.

  • Alex Cho


    Efficient. On time. Fairly straightforward problem. Asked about a camera to check the pipes and said it wasn't needed unless there was a recurring problem. Didn't oversell me on services. Will use them again

  • A.T


    Public Service Plumbers Team was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, prompt, and detailed. They quickly found the problem and had a good solution and immediately implemented it. Team explained everything they were executing. They did a great job in diagnosing the cause of the water leak and the cause and source of the issue and in finding the solution quickly. Would highly recommend for plumbing issues. 5 Star work.

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