Service is Our Middle Name!

Service is Our Middle Name!

Adding a Bathroom to Your Home

Deciding to Add a Bathroom • Remodeling

Adding a Bathroom to Your HomeAdding a bathroom to your home is almost always a wise investment, especially in older homes or when remodeling an unfinished portion of your house. In most cases, when homeowners add a bathroom to their home they can expect to recover more than 50% of its initial cost when they sell their house. And, depending on the size or convenience of the additional bathroom, it may actually add value to your house when it comes time to place it on the market.

While these factors may recommend the addition of a bathroom, adding a bathroom can be a challenge. For these reasons, it’s important to consider the current plumbing in your home, where you would like to locate the new bathroom, and whether or not there are any potential drainage issues that could increase costs.

Determining where a New Bathroom should go

In many respects, where to put a new bathroom should be determined by the layout of your home and its plumbing. You should consider the current placement of your existing bathrooms and the layout of your home’s plumbing if you want to finish your attic and add a bathroom to the new space. For example, if you currently have a bathroom on the west and south side of your house, it will likely be easier to place your new bathroom above one of these existing bathrooms.

Since piping already exists in these places, it will likely be easier to run plumbing up through the wall and simply graft it onto piping that is in place below it. If you want to put the bathroom on the north or east side of your finished attic, there may be issues with running plumbing through the walls or floors and this may affect the ideal amount of water pressure desired for showering or using the toilet.

Walls, Floors, and adding a New Bathroom

In addition to these concerns, homeowners should make a realistic appraisal of what sorts of challenges walls, concrete, and flooring present when adding a bathroom. Cutting into concrete can be expensive and poses other challenges that may recommend using above-flooring plumbing.
In older homes, plaster walls or flooring with an elaborate framework of joists may also require substantial construction and redesign. When shower drains and shower pans must be placed and installed, it may be necessary to cut into the floor. Each of these issues should be taken into consideration when adding a bathroom.

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