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How to Unfreeze Water Pipes

Water FaucetOne of the biggest challenges faced by homeowners during cold weather is dealing with frozen water pipes. If close attention is not paid, you can find yourself saddled with the unpleasant task of having to unfreeze your water pipes.

If plumbing has been properly installed, inspected and taken care of, the pipes freezing up is a lot less likely to occur. If you do find yourself needing assistance with unfreezing pipes, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • First, determine if the frozen pipe or pipes has any pressure in it (common if it’s a water line – as drain lines don’t normally hold pressure)
  • Second, if the frozen pipe does have pressure, you’ll need to shut the source. If any lines cracked while frozen, this will prevent a spray-out mess

Once you have determined where the freeze is, what type of pipe is frozen, and shut of any relative source, here are some methods you can use to attempt to unfreeze your pipes:

  • A ‘Piping Hot’ Machine
  • A Plumbers Torch (only copper or metal-based pipe – with only water inside)
  • Electric Pipe Heat Tape
  • A Portable Electric Heater
  • NEVER use an open flame to thaw your pipes – and never put your heat source too close to any combustible materials!

Frozen pipes can be an inconvenience if dealt with quickly – or they can turn into a very expensive repair bill! When in doubt, call a plumber to get your pipes thawed out. Much of a plumber’s winter business is devoted to thawing out pipes, and specialized equipment designed specifically for this purpose can be used to ensure that your pipes are unfrozen quickly – and without further damage.

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