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Downspout & Surface Drainage – Installation or Repair

Dallas Fort Worth Drainage and Repair

Gutters, downspouts, and sewers systems handle runoff water that can cause any number of problems. When downspouts or surface drainage fails to carry water away from your home, water can seep into the foundation and eventually into your home or basement. When sewer systems clog, underground leaks can compromise a property’s landscaping, sidewalks, and ability to redirect water away from a home’s foundation. If left unaddressed, the destruction caused may require tearing up your lawn, sidewalks, or driveway pavement.

Locating and Repairing Leaks

Underground leaks can happen due to corrosion, a bellied section of pipe, collapsed piping, or clogs due to tree roots and other debris. At Public Service Plumbers, we have the machinery and technology needed to locate underground leaks before tearing up your lawn. Our ability to locate underground leaks allows us to consider different possible solutions to the problem – executing repairs that begin inside the house or repairing and unclogging pipes at the point of a leak. In some cases, video scoping, sewer rodding, and sealant techniques can avoid the need to replace piping and the need to dig and tear up a lawn.

The Cost of an Underground Leak

An underground leak can also cost homeowners in other ways. A leak between your home and the water meter means as long as the leak is left unrepaired, the meter is running. As a result, you can expect to see an increase in your water bill. In some cases, a sudden, unexplained increase in a homeowner’s water bill is the first sign they may have an underground leak. Video scoping a drainage or pipe can often quickly answer the question and save a homeowner money by pinpointing the problem and repairing it immediately.

Clog Sewers and Backflow

When a sewer line becomes clogged, the potential for buildup and backflow should be addressed. In cases where an irrigation or sprinkler system has been installed on a property, state requires that a backflow device be installed. Even in cases where there isn’t necessary, it may make sense for a homeowner to install one to avoid what could be an expensive repair involving tearing up the sewer line to the street. Our plumbers can evaluate your situation and determine if a backflow device makes sense.

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